Rave Reviews

What Clients Have Said


"I have had some personal coaching and tapping sessions with Amanda that have been extremely valuable. She has a natural gift."

Lindsey Kovacevic


"One H.E.A.L. energy session with Amanda was like a supersonic cleansing of emotional debris and a literal palpable feeling of healing! Amanda and her HEAL technique is like nothing I have ever experienced. She doesn't just offer a service she offers her gift to us and it is my absolute true belief that every single person will benefit from H.E.A.L.”.

Veronika Colnar, RN


“HEAL energy sessions with Amanda are nothing short of magical! It blows my mind how much healing she can facilitate in one session.  She helped me have a profound breakthrough around allowing myself to remember, experience and create joy in my life in one session. She’s the real deal and I truly believe everyone should prioritize doing this work with her!!!”

Laura Parkinson


"As a newbie to tapping, Amanda was very patient and understanding throughout our session.  She explained the process, what may or may not happen during our time together.  She helped me relax and feel very safe with absolutely no judgement, allowing me to “feel” all that was happening for me. I’m looking forward to more sessions with Amanda and my journey of self discovery."

Dawn Parker