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Welcome to Radical Wellness

Approaching wellness in a RADICALLY new way!

"You are worthy of thriving and living to your highest potential. My unique contribution to the world is to help you break free from the pain of the past and guide you on your journey as you awaken your Innate Power."

Amanda Connell


Hi! I'm Amanda

Amanda Connell is happily married and a mom to a spirited young daughter. Living on the West Coast in Canada, she is a former corporate-world clone turned energy healer and light worker. As the Founder of Radical Wellness and the creator of H.E.A.L. Energy Therapy, Certified McDonald Manifestation EFT Tapping Practitioner, Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Numerologist and Certified Essential Oil Specialist, she is committed to supporting the TRANSFORMATION of individuals who don't feel worthy. Amanda rejects a cookie cutter approach to healing as she understands that each person is infinitely unique. She has a gift to create healing experiences based on who you are, your frequency, your code, your needs, and your desires for the future.

You landed here for a reason and I'm so glad you did. I don't believe in coincidences.

Are you feeling stuck?

You feel blocked. Like something is preventing you from moving forward. Something is sparking inside of you but it’s not lighting the flame. There is a deep inner knowing that there is more to life but you don’t know how to access that and you feel there's a part of you that you haven't discovered yet. Maybe you’ve been through some difficult experiences and you’ve built this wall of protection but it’s keeping you trapped my friend. The real you is inside just waiting to burst out and light up the world

Are you last on your priority list?

Are you the last on the list? Does everyone else get what they need before you do? Is everything else more important? When was the last time you put your needs first and made yourself a priority? You cannot give from an empty cup - not to your partner, your kids, your business, your job, etc. The truth will never be at the top of your list. Your time will never come UNLESS you decide to make YOU a priority. 

Are you living life on your own terms?

Are you experiencing all the incredible things that life has to offer? Or do you feel like you are trapped, trudging through life in the mundane day-to-day on a hamster wheel (same sh*t, different day). Maybe you are totally unfulfilled in your 9-5 job, lacking passion and hope and you don't really know what you want but there HAS to be more to life than this.

The reason I know this is because this was me. 


Even though the life I created now is completely different, it wasn’t always like this. Read my full story here, About Me.

Our Services

This is a space where spirituality meets science. Where all parts of you are welcome and in fact, necessary for your growth and expansion. We focus on all areas of your being to achieve your goals: your physical body, emotional body, and energetic body. I understand that life’s challenges are unique and complex to all individuals. If you are ready to take radical responsibility for your health and wellness, I have a variety of tools and techniques to maximize your results and support you on your journey.

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Life Coaching

I support and guide individuals on their journey to self love. I teach you how break free from the pain of the past and step into growth and expansion.

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Identify your unique code and understand how these patterns influence your life. Use this powerful information to support you through challenges, growth and transformation.

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Plant Medicine

Are you ready to live a more holistic lifestyle? Learn how medical grade essential oils can be integrated safely and effectively into your daily life for amazing natural health benefits.

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EFT Tapping

EFT Tapping is a powerful, yet simple and effective self-help technique. It allows the release and integration of feelings and emotions in a safe and empowering way.

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H.E.A.L Energy Therapy

H.E.A.L. Energy Therapy uses life force energy, quantum healing and essential oils to create harmony physically, emotionally, spiritually within the body. 

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Coming soon!!! Stay tuned....

"Wellness is so much more than being free from disease and illness. It is an active process that includes mindfulness and making choices that create harmony physically, emotionally and spiritually within the body."

Amanda Connell

Some of the things you might experience when you work with Amanda....

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Breakthroughs mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually

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Release and integration of feelings and emotions trapped in the body.

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Powerful physical sensation in the body that are invigorating.

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Clarity and connection to your sacred vision, your contribution and your purpose in life.

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Deeper connection with your Highest Self, your body, and the Divine.

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More responsive and less reactive to everyday life experiences.

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Less stress and anxiety and increased feelings of peace and calm.

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Tuning in, turning on and tapping into your Innate Power.

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Relief from pain and suffering in all areas of your life.

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Trust in yourself, your body, in others and your ability to co-create with the Universe.

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Increased self-love, confidence, awareness and feelings of worthiness

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Freedom from the experiences of the past that have been holding you back for so long.

Rave Reviews

What clients have said...


Veronika C., RN

"One H.E.A.L. energy session with Amanda was like a supersonic cleansing of emotional debris and a literal palpable feeling of healing! Amanda and her HEAL technique is like nothing I have ever experienced. She doesn't just offer a service she offers her gift to us and it is my absolute true belief that every single person will benefit from H.E.A.L.”


Dawn P.

"As a newbie to tapping, Amanda was very patient and understanding throughout our session.  She explained the process, what may or may not happen during our time together.  She helped me relax and feel very safe with absolutely no judgement, allowing me to “feel” all that was happening for me. I’m looking forward to more sessions with Amanda and my journey of self discovery."


Laura P.

“HEAL energy sessions with Amanda are nothing short of magical! It blows my mind how much healing she can facilitate in one session.  She helped me have a profound breakthrough around allowing myself to remember, experience and create joy in my life in one session. She’s the real deal and I truly believe everyone should prioritize doing this work with her!!!”